Splashing and thrashing in the great blue seas, a large school of fish enjoyed the cool waters of the open sea. But little did they know of the trouble to come, as their worst enemy lurked in the waters above.

A hefty fisherman had released his big fish net, eagerly waiting to catch his precious prey. The poor group of fish was not aware of the big strong net, which now captured them and held them captive. Filled with great fear, the fish swam in every which direction, but their efforts were fruitless in escaping the dreaded net. The fisherman slowly raised the net towards the surface, dragging the helpless fish along with it.

The fish continued to struggle for a way out, but there was little hope left for a happy ending. Just then, a small orange fish emerged from the horizon. The orange fish was horrified to see its friends captured in the net, struggling for their dear lives. The orange fish instantly developed a strategy to liberate the captured group of fish.

Without a moment’s waste, the orange fish entered the net through the small openings and instructed all the fish to “swim down”. The orange fish kept shouting, instilling confidence and encouraging the captured fish to “swim down”. Having a unified objective, the group of fish became energized and committed all their strength to swim downwards. The collective force created by the fish swimming down together generated a massive tension in the net. Just as the net was about to reach the surface of the water, the relentless fish gave all their strength to swim down together. This unified effort generated an enormous force, causing the net to snap. The loosened net descended back into the waters, setting the fish free to once again enjoy the cool blue sea. This short tale shows us the power of working together.

When we work together, even a seemingly impossible task can be achieved. When unity prevails, everyone can experience the joy of working together. Moreover, the orange fish demonstrated tremendous leadership qualities as it risked its own life by entering the net, but instilled confidence and courage in the struggling fish. By listening to and trusting the orange fish, the group was unified as one and was ultimately rescued. Similarly, by staying under the guidance of such visionary leaders, the problems we face in our day-to-day lives can also be overcome.

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